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Florida Real Estate Closing Costs


The Real Estate closing is basically a summit in which the title agent extract the purchase amount from the buyer side and remunerate money to the home seller and assure that the customer designation is recorded appropriately in native records together with loan liens. The lenders, real estate lawyers and title companies prepare all the papers. This process replicates the agreement of sale and permits all revelries to the contracts to check their interests. The closing agent evaluates the sale contract to govern the transaction like what credit is pending to receive and the payments which are due from costumers. He is also in charge of the assurance that all costs a paid properly. Records are maintained about the paid taxes.

Many people are unaware about the various fees and charges related to the transfer of property from one person to a different. Once you get the loan you ought to pay the closing prices which are dues by the investors and third parties associated with the acquisition of a home. Thus, additionally to owing the investor the down-payment on the house and the principal and interest associated with the loan. Closing prices depends on the are you live and the property you purchase. The purchaser should have supposed to pay 2-5% of the accusation amount of the home. The prices can be exchanged between the vendors and the costumers. There is no rule in the state of Florida that entails which of the parties to pay closing costs in a housing real estate acquisition. Reliant on conditions of market the party possibly will pay all in order to boost the deal.

Closing costs in Florida are usually alienated between the vendors and the purchasers. We give an example of closing costs in Broward County for a property valued up to $750,000. Expenditures including reviews, surveys and other dues may rise for homes esteemed at more than $750,000.

Buyers Closing Costs:

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  • Property Survey – $250-$450.
  • Professional Appraisal – $300-$500.
  • Property Inspection – $300-$800.
  • Insurance Premium – Homeowners, Wind & Flood Insurance.
  • Mortgage Loan Fee – Contingent on loan amount.
  • Documentary Stamps – $3.50 per $1,000. of mortgage amount.
  • Intangible Taxes – $2.00 per $1,000 of mortgage amount.
  • Mortgage Recording Fee – $10 for first page, $8.50 for each additional page.
  • Settlement & Closing Fee – $350 -$700.
  • Overnight Delivery of Settlement Package if required – $20-$55.


Sellers Closing Costs

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  • Municipal Lien and Tax Search -$220-$480.
  • Title Search – $165-$270
  • Real Estate Commission – 6% of sales price.
  • Title Abstract – $180-$250.
  • Document Preparation – $300-450.
  • Mortgage Payoff – Subject to loan balance.
  • Documentary Deed Stamps – $7.00 per $1,000. of sales price.
  • Real Estate Tax Prorated – Current year taxes are prorated at closing.
  • Deed and/or Other Recording Fees – $10.00 for the first page, $8.50 each additional page.

Beside this, there are some other expences whose responsibility for payment is determined by the Sales Contract:

  • Owners Title Insurance Policy – Based on the sales price.
  • Simultaneous Bank Title Insurance Policy.
  • Endorsements to the Title Insurance Policy.



It should be noted that federally authorized loan and Real Estate revelation measures scheduled to yield effect countrywide in early October will expected to extend the time from rummage sale contract to closing. The new laws which command lengthier document appraisal period for consumers execute the new revelations instead of outmoded traditional Truth-in-Lending, Good Faith Estimates and HUD-1payments may take some time for loan and breadwinners of closing service to gain habituated to using. The new rules and regulations allocated the accountability to creditors. Vendors and purchasers should be conscious about these rules and should be ready for possible postponements in closing process. Both the vendors and purchasers have a lot of work to do to close a real estate deal. People who don’t have knowledge about the facts and details of real estate closing are more susceptible to pay additional than required for these tasks. It is suggested for purchasers and vendors to work with professionals of National Association of Realtors. Different professionals to contemplate are Title Agents, and Real Estate Lawyers who have the aptitude to guarantee a successful and timely closing.  Should you have any questions on Real Estate closing costs, or need my Real Estate Services, you may reach us at or call us directly 561-614-5353 and also 754-777-3600.