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RealStoria's Network is a next generation technology hub which allows our clients to streamline the home buying processes and automate the real estate transactions. We strive to deliver superior performance and experience by powering different outlets and successfully close hundreds of digital transaction.


RealStoria has automated the process from searching properties online, submitting offers, negotiating and remote closing. All communication and transaction files are managed electronically via transaction management streamline. RealStoria has a network of third party law firms and licensed service vendors to prepare and seamlessly coordinate every single step in a timely manner.


RealStoria brings the entire management process of buying real estate online into a technological platform by complying with all requirements by state law, local realtor's boards and multiple listing service providers. We offer a completely organized management system fully integrated and with the ability to summarize and simplify any real estate requirements by law and powering real estate closings.



Benefits of buying with us:

  • 100% FREE Service
  • Make offers on the move
  • Unique solutions to your inquiries
  • Over $964,128,559 sales in total volume
  • 18+ years of experience & hundreds of sold properties
  • Proven track of record with the best local agents
  • Additional discounts, incentives and free upgrades
  • Close with confidence and move freely
  • *Learn more about savings & cash rebate
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1 - Discuss Your Goals

Discuss your wants and needs for buying a homes or an investment property via phone, email or text with our agents.


2 - Get Pre-Approved

Apply for a mortgage with a local lender and see what your price range should be and determent what kind of loan best suits you.


3 - Locate a Property

Our agents will virtually walk you through the homes that you like and fit your criteria remotely and keep your family safe.





4 - Make An Offer

We'll set you up with an online account where you can sign digitally or upload documents from the comfort of your computer.


5 - Earnest Money Deposit

You'll have the choice to pay by a credit card, wire transfer from your bank account or we'll stop by and pick up a check from your home.


6 - Closing

  When is time to sign the final paperwork, we can arrange a mobile notary, a digital e-signature, a drive-thru closing or a mail out.


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Find 31% more listings of residential homes, condos, new construction.




Receive a list with off-market properties with your criteria.



View listings, prices and the progress of an offer and transaction status.




Buy homes below asking price with our top negotiating experts.


Work with top real estate agents and the best local service professionals.




Get cash back towards closing cost when you work with us.

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Full Service Representation

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Everything You Need To Buy A Home Online
  • 31% More Listings* - Due to its advanced business model and organization structure, RealStoria is able to offer more listings for specific areas, cities and neighborhoods.
  • Buy Below Asking Price* - Rebates and Saving Programs on Real Estate purchase gives you  the opportunity to work with local experienced real estate agents willing to negotiate the best deal on your purchase and also pass on savings to today’s savvy home buyer.
  • Save More Money When Buying* - With the RealStoria Home Buyers's Rebate Program beside keeping all builder's discounts, special pricing and closing credits that builder have offered to you, in addition we will also contribute our saving program and available incentives.
  • Search - Find - See - and Buy It* - Find your home easily, see it immediately and have your offer accepted the same day - dreams come true with RealStoria only.
  • Top Representation and Negotiation - Our teams of local independent real estate professionals will guide you through the process of buying the best real estate deals and help you save tons of money.

New Construction homes in Boca Raton and Florida


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Resale & New Home Rebates FAQ

- The saving rebate is a form of commission sharing. Builders in Florida usually pay Real Estate Agents a co-op fee if they bring a buyer to a new home community or condo tower. To thank you for using our services, we share a portion of our commission with you. Siple as that.
Does your New Home Saving Program cover all of Florida?
- Yes, we cover the entire state of Florida.
- They certainly are!  Check out this link to a US Department of Justice webpage outlining their opinion on this:
Are new home savings, rebates and incentives legal in US?
- They certainly are!  Check out this link to a US Department of Justice webpage outlining their opinion on this:
- Do you NEED one? It depends. Why not choose a Realtor with RealStoria and Charles Rutenberg Realty to watch you back and that will give you a rebate at closing?
- There is no catch. However there are some rules. This offer is good only if you are not working with another real estate agent.
- We have the standard for the industry fees with a lot of options for rebates and discounts.
- With both he best way to use it is to apply your rebate towards your closing costs.
- No. In Florida, only a licensed real estate agent may receive compensation from Real Estate Transaction. The saving rebate will be made in the form of either a closing cost credit, applied towards option upgrades with the builder, or as a upgrade selection. However applied, the New Home Saving Rebate will give 1-3% towards your new home purchase. The saving rebate must appear on the HUD 1 Settlement Statement, your sales contract and your Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement.
- Different agencies and individuals have various business models.It may or may not be profitable for them to be able to offer a rebate.



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Thank you for all of your hard work to make the sale happen. You really stepped up to complete the sale and I'm now a first time home owner! Looking forward to work with you again!

Shawn R. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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I truly appreciate your professionalism returning all the calls promptly and being ahead of the game always. For long time I was looking for an agents like you, and I finally found one. Thank you again.

Edson Ch. - Boca Raton, FL

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I just want to say your marketing efforts really do work! We tried to sell the house last year with a different firm with no results. Your advices on a realistic selling approach proves your methods.

George Mc. - Boca Raton, FL