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How does this calculator work?

We have a rich data of around xyz properties posted everyday on Realstoria. Based on rate, locality, area, amenities, age of property, demand and supply, we suggest the price tag of your property and compare mutually the comparable properties that we have in our database.

Home Worth Calculator

Use this adding mechanism to find the price tag of a property by feeding analogous information such as city, locality, type of house, area and bedroom's.

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What is Buy vs Rent Calculator ?

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Total Money Spent :
Total Money Saved :
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Total Tax Saved on HRA :
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Buying Calculation ( Over Year )

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Total Tax Saved on Principal Repayment :
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Why to use this EMI Calculator ?

The actual benefits are huge savings of time, energy and your delicate patience. Apart from these, you wll get the following advantages:
  • 1. Swift: Extremely ‘boring’ calculations are crunched very swiftly.
  • 2. Easy: As easy as working a standard calculator.
  • 3. Research: Test various interest rate and tenure permutations, find the right home loan
  • 4. Free of charge: Using this friendly tool is 100% free, now and forever.

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