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Buying a home is synonymous with going to see the property and finalizing the purchase in person, face to face. But today, with social distancing as the main rule, this can be altered.

The works of real estate, now, step to the web. With things the way they are, many are wondering how pertinent it is to buy a home through the Internet.

The truth is that buying real estate online is possible, just like buying a pair of sneakers or a cell phone. However, certain recommendations must be followed to successfully buy a home online.

The biggest risk you run when buying a house online is running into a scammer. Many people have been victims of cybercriminals who defraud them with real estate transactions.

For this reason, we want to leave you with a few tips so that you can buy a home online.


Recommendations for buying real estate online

Avoid super deals

The hope of finding a bargain never leaves a buyer. We are always on the lookout for an offer that allows us to save a little money, but you have to be careful with this one. It is very common to find incredible house listings with prices well below the average. These offers do not have to be created out of the blue.

Any property that is appraised 10% below the common commercial price in the area should be thoroughly examined. Why? No landlord, no matter how hard-pressed, is going to offer their home at such a low price, just to favor a complete stranger.

It must be taken into account that a real estate agent would not normally allow a low-cost house to devalue the entire area.

Most common tricks and tricks

When buying a home online, we can run into various tricks and tricks. A typical one is that of real estate agents who publish false advertisements to obtain calls from house seekers and add them to their client base.

There are also financial intermediaries that use advertisements to offer credit or financing.

Although none of the strategies are illegal, it is quite annoying to search for houses on the internet and deal with these types of advertisements. 


  • Visit recognized real estate pages: The best thing we can do when searching for real estate on the Internet is to visit the websites of recognized real estate agencies. There, sure, you can find real ads for homes for sale and we won’t waste time with “fake” posts.
  • Make a visit to the house: After “putting an eye” on a property, the next step is to visit the property. Schedule an appointment with the owner before closing the deal. Take into account that no real estate agent should ask you to deposit money without first knowing the property you are going to buy.

You have to avoid deception and you do not have to pay for any previous appointment of the property. This is illegal and you are most likely not an honest real estate agent.

Confirm the identity of the owner of the property

Before signing the contract for the property, you must verify the data of the owner of the property. If possible, look for information about the owners on the Internet and on social networks; it is also valid to ask the neighbors about them.

Also, in the company of a notary public, you can check if all the housing documentation is in order and if there are no negative clauses in the contract.

Do not expose your personal data

Our last advice is that you do not expose your personal information on real estate websites that do not have official security verifications. For this reason, it is always good to look for the best real estate pages to be sure that we are not offering our data to false pages.

Following these recommendations we can, with total security, proceed to buy a home online. Nowadays, this is not something impossible and it is the best option in the face of the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

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