What is the right inspection when purchasing a home?

Are you about to acquire your property? Make one last visit to your future home and implement this list of the areas that you must review before completing the purchase process. When visiting the property, it is essential that you are focused and pay attention to details, do not get carried away by the first impressions you had of the home. Consider this checklist for home inspection services to analyze the property.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, for this reason, it is essential that you take the last tour of your ideal home. It will help you clarify any doubts you have about the property and test if everything works correctly.

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Checklist for home inspection services

  • Take and review what is included in the contract of sale
  • Review final repairs
  • Check the electrical installations
  • Open doors and windows
  • Check the conditions of the bathroom
  • Try the kitchen furniture

Take and review what is included in the contract of sale

Do not forget the contract of sale of the home, you will be guided by it so that you can see what the property includes and what it does not include, a clear example of this is if the house will be delivered to you furnished, semi-furnished or without furnish.

It is essential that you take it with you to avoid a surprise when closing the deal, remember that it is the right time to resolve your doubts with the owner or the real estate agent.

Review final repairs

Before starting the tour, make sure that the changes and repairs that were established in the previous visit are finished. Check the agreed areas and test them, if something breaks while you are testing it, ask the real estate agent to make the necessary repairs.

One piece of advice we give you is to take before and after photos of all the areas that were repaired, as they will serve as evidence to the owner or real estate agent.

Check the electrical installations

In your new home review checklist, you cannot leave aside, and verify that the electrical installations work.

Start by turning on all the lights in the house, then check that the plugs and sockets are in good condition and that they are not detached from the wall, also ask the owner about the state of the electrical installation and if preventive maintenance has been carried out.

We recommend that you can charge your cell phone in all the sockets in the house to see if there is electricity, if the house is equipped with an electric gate, security system, and doorbell you should also test them.

Notify the landlord if there are bad connections and if there is no power in any area of ​​the house.

Open doors and windows

Make sure that the house you are going to buy is safe, check that the locks and locks on the doors and windows work correctly, and double-check to see that no glass or frame is missing.

If the house has protections on the windows, try them and check that they are not overlapped, make sure that the material is not rusty and is resistant to theft. Check if there are emergency exits in case an incident occurs inside the house.

Remember that you are going to live there and you must make sure that your new home is really safe for you and your family.

Check the conditions of the bathroom

A common new home review checklist is to inspect the bathroom in detail, start with the shower, turn on the faucet and check for hot and cold water, check the water pressure and check for leaks pay close attention as this can cause moisture and leaks.

Check that the toilet and the sink are well built-in and that they are in good condition or that they are new, that will depend on what is established in the purchase agreement.

If the bathroom has tiles, we recommend that you check that they are well attached to the wall and that they are well sealed.

Try the kitchen furniture

Take your time checking the kitchen area, open the sink water and make sure there are no leaks or that it is covered. Continue with the furniture and if the house includes an integral kitchen, check that there are no gas leaks and that the oven and stove burners are working.

Check that the cupboard doors and drawers are not damaged, and also check that there are no leaks in the ceiling and walls or that they are full of grease.

If you cannot find the kitchen remodels that were settled, we recommend that you contact the owner and not sign the purchase agreement until the agreed-upon changes are made.

And also learn in which cases additional home inspection services are required like – Radon Screening, Wood Destroying Insects, Water Testing, Pool, Seawall, Septic/Private Waste, Private Water, Lead Paint Screening, Mold Screening, EIFS Water Intrusion Inspection, New Construction, Multi-Dwelling Property, Commercial Property, Preventive Maintenance Inspection, Wind Mitigation, Chinese Drywall, Buried Fuel Tank Scan, Thermal Imaging, Level 2 Chimney Inspection, Asbestos Testing, etc.

Get qualified Home Inspection Services

As a team of professional real estate agents, our main priority is to help our buyers achieve a smooth transaction. Part of our job is to help them navigate the largest financial decision they will ever make and also to avoid too many “surprises” related to condition and repair negotiations after inspections. The buyer side is normally paying for and ordering inspections and reports can frequently result in buyer requirements for corrections by the seller. Buyers are likely to be filled with a lot of emotions as we help them select a home that will be the place where they gather with their friends and family for years to come. The best solution is a lot of experience and professional knowledge.

With so many people involved in the home-buying transaction, our list of local 5-star rated professional inspectors will assist you with the best inspection experience possible.

We can assure you that you will feel very confident and also you will make an informed decision.

Making the right choice for your home inspection needs will help you achieve your goal of a smooth transaction. Our clients always have confidence in their purchase decision and receive accurate and current information. You will save time, and best of all, have peace of mind.

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